Drug roundup nets 14 arrests


    A roundup of suspected drug traffickers yielded 14 arrests following secret indictments by a Harrison County grand jury. Most of the suspects were gathered in an ongoing operation by a three-county task force comprised of law enforcement on Oct. 7.

    Sheriff Joe Myers said an eight-month undercover investigation culminated in the indictments and subsequent bust, adding that cocaine, bath salts, prescription pills, marijuana, cash and drug paraphernalia were confiscated in the raids. Evidence was sealed and sent to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation to calculate the weight.

    All of the arrests occurred by 9 p.m. that Friday. Officials claimed it was the largest raid in two years, while the investigation is still underway. Myers said more charges could arise.

    The suspects were lodged in Carroll and Jefferson County Jails until they were arraigned on Tuesday in county Common Pleas Court.

    Details of the suspects arrests and arraignments are featured in this weeks print edition of the Harrison News-Herald.



    1. I guess this will take some of the attention off of the guy the police “accidentially” shot a few weeks ago.

    2. Great job by everyone involved. keep up the good work and continue to keep the county safe for the people who live there.

    3. Yeah GOOD JOB!!!!!! It is just a shame that people think that the cops are the bad guys for taking these people off the street. But when their kids are hurt or overdose thesame people that were upset about the cops busting the drug dealers want to blame the cops. I just feel bad that the cops dpn’t ever get the pat on the back that they truely deserve…

    4. I think these people need help with their addiction problems. Institutionalization is not always a resolution to these kinds of problems. People need educated in our county that this is a serious issue. I am currently doing a project on this in my social work class about drug and alcohol awareness and the effects of such. It is a real and true ongoing problem, even in smaller communities as ours. Although, consequences should occur for these individual, I believe the court should provide the opportunity for rehabilitation for these individuals so they can be reformed and ready to entire society again with a hopefully clean slate.

    5. I personally think these People KNOW EXACTLY what they are know what they are doing, WITHOUT really working for it nor paying taxes! It’s easy money for the people selling it. NOW, its not getting them counselling for the habit of making easy money, its reforming them, by making them “GET A JOB,” MAKING SURE THEY DO IT IF IT IS PICKING UP TRASH. WHY SHOULD MY FAMILY PAY FOR TAKING CARE OF THEM, FEEDING THEM, MAKING SURE THEY ARE WARM, OR ANYTHING ELSE? I get so sick of hearing that all they will get is slappeds on the wrist cause it happened in Harrison County, Ohio……”MAKE EXAPLES OUT OF THESE PEOPLE.” If this is just marijuana, what happens when it is legal? Ya don’t hear about someone getting hit by a car or accident, from parifenalia, marijuana, or something that small. I’m not talking about Crack or anything on that line but just a “joint?’ GIVE ME A BREAK


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