Rice Energy CEO: Shale is the future


    CADIZ – Rice Energy President and CEO Toby Rice addressed about 30 business and government leaders during the Cadiz Business Association meeting, saying vast deposits of oil and gas existed in the Marcellus and Utica shale could not only aid the economy but also curb dependency upon foreign oil.

    Rice said drilling practices were safe and the industry could also benefit other business growth. He said the industry has made billions of dollars in Pennsylvania but could be here in a matter of months.

    In-dept coverage of the meeting is featured in this week print edition of the Harrison News-Herald.



    1. If fracking is so safe why are there so many fracacidents in 8 states across the country ? The only people that say it is safe are company presidents & ceo`s that are going to profit the most from their drilling. They don`t tell you about the chemicials ( over 200 different kinds ) some that cause cancer that they force down the well`s. Some of them stay in the wells forever, others they take back out & have to hull away in the water to clean up & take the chemicials out. They don`t tell anyone what chemicials they are hulling on our roads in these trucks. If there would be a spill the emergency medicial people would not know how to treat the spill or anyone that was involved. This is wrong, how many people will they kill with these chemicials before everyone wakes up to the dangers. Go to their sites they already have in operation & you won`t see a list of the chemicials they are using there. They don`t want you to know because of the dangers of them causing cancer & poisioning the air. It is a lot harder to clean up after a leak then it is to prevent one. And they can`t promise you they will prevent any.

    2. 12-year-old worries about impact of fracking
      December 19, 2011
      The Marietta Times (www.mariettatimes.com)
      Save |
      My name is Deborah Partin and I am 12 years old.

      On Nov. 11, at the Monroe County Library, Rose Baker presented the slide show of her property, roads, dust and water pollution, tank fires. I hope the fracking that is going on will not contaminate our water, ground, and air because I don’t want to move.

      In Wetzel County, much is destroyed. They can’t drink their water or use it for watering the animals. Rose Baker’s horses stopped drinking the water 6 months after they started fracking. They can’t do much with their water because the fracking chemicals contaminated it with toluene, benzene, glycols, methane, and napthalene. There are landslides, heavy semi traffic, and cinders on roads make more air pollution containing many harmful chemicals including arsenic and mercury.

      There have been landslides on roads over in Wetzel County. One road was the only way to get in or out and this man had a heart attack and the ambulance couldn’t get through; someone with a gator drove the man to the ambulance and he didn’t die.

      Deborah Partin

      Sycamore Valley

      ( If a 12 year old can see the problems with fracking, why can`t the adults in the county see them ? )

    3. I’m confused. If no one knows what chemicals they use and they wont share this info how do we know they are cancer causing? Kinda contradicting right? Does she work for one of these companies? Did she in the past? I’m pretty sure they have to provide the state with an MSDS sheet. That should be available for public review if anyone wants it. Not saying these claims are not true just asking a question.

    4. Their regulations are so old & not up to date they can get away without telling you what chemicials they are using. The county should make them put up notices at every well & on every truck halling there water before signing any lease with them. After you sign a least with them it will be to late to make any demands on them. It won`t be to bad with just a few wells here & there. The problems will start when they have 100`s of wells all over the county. The more wells they have the more careless they will get & there won`t be enough inspector`s to keep up with them. If there will be any inspector`s at all. If they use some bad casings at the top of the wells then your ground water & lakes will be in danger. Also any homes close to where they are drilling.

    5. Google MSDS. Material Safety Data Sheets. Read all about it closely and in detail. When a company is requested by anyone for them, I believe the law requires that the MSDS sheets of every product of chemical composition that is being utilized on a project, the companies must comply concerning this information in every respect. Perhaps this should be done by Harrison County Authorities if this new process seems to be presenting such dangers to the general populace (if they haven’t arleady done so!) If everything of the company is on the up and up, fine! So be it. I recall the orange waterfall that flowed out of the hills behind Unionvale in the 1950’s, and that orange “crick” flowing down from Unionport. And all the sulphur water stink out RD3 (Route 9) going into New Athens in those days. the smoldering “gob piles” sinisterly seething day and night, the odor! MSDS. A secretary in my office out here in Southern Califonia asked for an MSDS sheet concerning the bottle of WHITE – OUT on her desk. I laughed. I thought she was joking! She was SERIOUS. And I had to get an MSDS sheet and provide it to her. With all the noise going on back there in my hometown concerning this matter, perhaps there needs to be some serious third party research to be considered!! John O’Neil, Burbank, California.

    6. Go to http://www.earthworksaction.org/issues/detail/hydraulic_fracturing_101 . Very small quantities of fracking chemicals are capable of contaminating millions of gallons of water. Be sure to read the whole article. They have used these chemicals in 8 other states & have caused problems in all of them. Read this whole article & decide for yourself. Ask someone at your health department what these chemicals will do to your water & air. Ask emergency medicial people if they are ready for this, ask your firemen what would happen if these chemicals would spill on the road or in a creek or lake. Would you want your family in danger of these chemicals or would you rather stop it before it becomes a reality ?

    7. people, you are all uneducated to the process. Things happen while they drill for oil land gas but if you knew of the environmental violations that went on while your homes were being built or when your vehicles were being service not to mention the injuries and deaths in factories when cars and trucks are being built you sound like you would not own a home or a car. smarten up. normal residents in any state contaminate the Earth way more than these drilling operations. you throw batteries and thermometers away, pour oil and gas down drains along with bleach and other harsh cleaning chemicals and the worst of all most American’s dump unused or expired prescription meds into the toilet which is proven time and time again to contaminate our water supplies around the country.
      Make up your mind. do you want WAR so we can protect the Middle East energy sources or do you want our men and women at home? If you want them home then support domestic drilling of gas and oil or you are a hypocrite. you all make me sick.


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