Recorders office moves forward, thanks to a generous benefactor


    Harrison County Recorder Tracy Boyer, right, and Dave Weaver of ACS Corporation peruse one of the many books of deeds which are currently being preserved through digital imaging by ACS Corporation, a Texas-based company. The $100,000 project is being funded through an anonymous gas and oil company who is currently working within the county.

    “This process is very expensive, well over $100,000, but thanks to the generosity of the oil and gas company we are able to do this without any cost to the county,” she said. “I’m extremely happy to have this opportunity available to us. I have stood firm that this would benefit the county, not just the gas and oil companies.”

    Read this weeks print edition of the Harrison News-Herald for more details of this much needed, digital update.

    Photo provided


    1. Yes, it will benefit the county. But it will also benefit the oil/gas companies even more. And they will also get to write it off as a donation on their taxes. It will be win win win for the oil/gas companies. I don`t call that generosity. You know they wouldn`t be doing it at all if they didn`t want to drill here.

    2. I am concerned that the anonymous gas and oil company will use the info to grab land in limbo or agressively go after anything where the owner did manage to keep the rights to oil, gas, minerals, and anything else beneath the ground.


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