May 4 Primary Election Results


Governor/ Lt. Governor of Ohio

Strickland/Brown (D)-  1,344

Kasich/Taylor (R)- 1,088

State Attorney General

Richard Cordray (D)- 1,237

Mike DeWine ®- 995

State Auditor

*David Pepper (D)- 1,166

Seth Morgan ®- 335

*David A. Yost ® – 738

Secretary of State

*Mary O’Shaughnessy (D)- 1,168

*Jon Husted ®- 618

Sandra O’Brien ®- 482

Treasurer of State

*Kevin L. Boyce (D)-1,172

*Josh Mandel ®- 985

U.S. Senator

*Jennifer Brunner (D)- 816

Lee Fisher (D)- 656

*Rob Portman ®- 829

U.S. Representative 18th District

*Zack Space (D)- 1,240

Beau Bromberg ®- 21

Fred Dailey ®- 225

Dave Daubenmire ®- 78

Bob Gibbs ®- 158

Ron Hood ®- 176

Hombre Liggett ®- 103

*Jeanette Moll ®- 348

Michael D. Royer ®- 40

Supreme Court Chief Justice (1-1-11)

*Eric Brown (D)- 1,183

*Maureen O’Connor ®- 957

Supreme Court Justice (1-1-11)

*Mary Jane Trapp (D)- 1,177

*Judith Ann Lanzinger ®- 902

Supreme Court Justice (1-2-11)

Paul E. Pfeifer ®- 945

Appeals Court Judge Seventh District

Gene Donofrio (D)- 1,126

State Democratic Central Committee 30th District

Craig Brown (Man) 1,133

K. Eileen Krupinski  (Woman) 1,324

State Republican Central Committee 30th District

David W. Johnson (Man) – 918

Laura D. Groux (Woman) – 897

State Representative 96th District

*Allan R. Sayre (D) 1,247

*Bill Behrendt ® – 407

Al Landis ®- 431

Eric Reip ®- 182

Harrison County Commissioner

*Rupert Beetham (D)- 961

Michael Strane (D)- 565

*Don Bethel (R)- 676

Paul Coffland (R)- 496

Harrison County Auditor

*Patrick J. Moore (D)- 887

Sherrilyn Van Tassel (D) – 728

* R. Eugene Hilligas  ®- 1,001

Listed as Democratic Central Committee candidates are the following:

–Paul R. Starcher, Athens Township/Village: 67

–C. Adrian Pincola, Cadiz Twp./Village NE: 124

–Bette S. Hill, Franklin Twp./Village: 44

–James Melvin Allen, Freeport Twp./Village: 55

–Harry E. Edgar, Green Twp./Village: 132

–Rick Bear, Moorefield Twp.: 51

–Sue L. Myers, North Twp./Village: 104

–Jayne Wallace, Nottingham Twp.: 21

–Michelle J. Dunlap, Rumley Twp./Village: 124

–Sherrilyn Van Tassel, Shortcreek Twp./Village: 173

There were no candidates named for Archer, Cadiz Village SW, German, Monroe Twp./Village, Stock or Washington townships.

Among the Republican Central Committee candidates are:

–Merle R. Foutz, Archer Twp.: 31

–Betty Jean Bland, Athens Twp./Village: 23

— Alicia J. Dowdle, Cadiz Twp./ Village NE: 31

–Louise Adams, Cadiz Village SW: 117

–Marilyn K. McMillen, Franklin Twp./Village: 62

–Audrey J. Marker, German Twp.: 52

–Richard P. Rensi, Green Twp.: 93

–Karen J. Kinney, Monroe Twp./Village: 56

–Lois A. Puskarich, Moorefield Twp.: 48

— Robert S. English, North Twp./Village: 90

–Betty Jo Shaw, Nottingham Twp.: 41

–Jan L. Arbaugh, Rumley Twp./Village: 96

–R. Eugene Hilligas, Shortcreek Twp./Village: 69

–Carolyn S. Addy, Stock Twp.: 44

There were no candidates named in Freeport Twp./Village or Washington Twp.

State Issue 1

FOR- 1,411

*AGAINST- 1,436

State Issue 2

*FOR- 1,480

AGAINST- 1,291

Harrison County Soil and Water Conservation District 0.25-mill additional levy: FOR- 1,144

*AGAINST- 1,722

Buckeye Local School District’s $26 million, 37-year bond issue with an additional 1.5-mill tax levy:

*FOR- 206


Buckeye Local School District’s 3.81-mill, three-year additional levy:

*FOR- 208


Jewett Police Department’s 1.5-mill, five-year additional levy:

FOR- 63


North Twp.’s  0.5-mill replacement cemetery levy:

*FOR- 150


North Twp.’s 1-mill replacement fire levy:

*FOR- 160


North Twp.’s 1-mill year replacement road levy:

*FOR- 90


Stock Twp.’s 1-mill replacement fire levy:

*FOR- 71


A local option for Moorefield Twp. Precinct, Piedmont Mini Mart:

*FOR- 76


A local option for Moorefield Twp. Precinct, Piedmont Mini Mart, Sunday sales:

*For- 67


An official count of the votes will be held May 17 starting at 10 a.m.


  1. Wo be to any public official who advocates raising taxes, especially a totally absurd 9.35mill levy. For many who live on a very fixed and low income, a reduced cost of living benefit, a 40% loss on investments and rapidly increasing service fees, potential rent increases, What has happened to good, old fiscal responsibility???

    Gin Larue


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