HC Prom 2012


The 2012 Harrison Central Jr/Sr. Prom was held on May 12, 2012. Pictured above are Prom King and Queen Yuri Gerheim and Summer Gladman. The following pictures were taken during the promenade and at the prom. NH Photos Katina Watt and Sandi Thompson


  1. Ah, those sweet long ago days of Prom Night. Not wishing to sound like a wheezing elder, this prom night like so many others around the country has turned into an ambitious, complicated and expensive affair. But, those faces, that new generation which will make it’s mark—this was their night, all those nights and events around the U.S. which present to the world, at large, the faces of many, some of whom will will step out from the ranks making an impact on our country and the rest of the world.
    This is your summer—possibly the last you’ll see before you realiize that life is really complicated, challenging and not an easy place to achieve a


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