Levy targeted for August ballot


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CADIZ – The future of Harrison Hills City Schools will be in the hands of voters after the school board opted for a levy over building closures.
A special session is set for Tuesday at 6 p.m. in the Harrison Central High School auditorium to certify a 9.35-mill measure in an August special election. The measure counters an earlier plan to consolidate buildings in the wake of a fiscal caution declaration by the Ohio Department of Education and would generate $2 million annually for five years. It also would give the district more time to improve its financial situation.


  1. When you didn’t pass the first levy, they did threaten to close a few schools to get back at you because they were mad. Funny how instead of closing, they are going to get their wish and you will probably all be voting yes to a levy that you probably don’t even need. close the two schools, they are in bad shape anyway.

  2. all of you on broad know lakeland building is newest building in school system,why close newer building made use of if if nothing else open LHS back up.

  3. If ,as Mr Ash said at the meeting on monday night, over 700 letters were sent out for individuals not paying property taxes. I don’t understand what good a levey will do if the money is not collected. You can’t spend what you don’t have.

  4. We are not gonna give Harrison Hills any more money than they already got.

    The village is in enough debt as it is.

    Go ahead and close the schools.
    Got a bunch of idiots running the damn school system anyway.

  5. They are threatening to close the schools just so they can get their **** levy passed. If the people of this county are dumb enough to vote for it, we’ll probably be going through all of this again in a couple of years. In a few years they’ll be crying that they’re broke again and then they’ll be threatening us again. It’s a never ending cycle. The last thing this school district needs is more money… they need to make cuts! How about getting rid of all the “aides” and “assistants”. What’s wrong with having one principal and one secretary per school? They are just so wasteful.

  6. Let’s have some accountability for the monies being wasted by the current school board and superintendent. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.
    I’ll bet you’ll pay yourselves overtime for the meeting tonight too ?

    You people were elected to ‘DO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR THE SCHOOL KIDS” NOT your personal agendas!

    If there is no money to make repairs, then make do with the best that you have, like the rest of us.
    The citizens, residents, and old timers of Harrison County can NOT AFFORD a levy this fall, not in the economic crunch we are all facing. Get a proposal together and submit for additional funding for the next school year under “emergency funds”.

    It is your only option, or maybe we’ll unify and vote to reduce your pay and benefits instead !!

  7. I will vote for the levy! The Harrison Hills students deserve a fair shake; however; I have NO confidence in the School Board! They just don’t get it and not a single one of them has a clue of what needs to be done!

  8. If the main concern is for the kids and the future of this school system then please tell me how our children benefit from the money wasted on redecorating the administrative offices? The work was done at night and on the weekends, which cannot be cheap…. No, it didn’t cost millions, but every little bit adds up! And now they want us to foot the bill for this levy? If thats how the current administration plans to use our tax money….I say, “No thank you!”

  9. The best option is to disolve the school district and divide it among the surrounding area school districts. Other school districts already have buses coming into the area to pick up the many students that have decided to leave this failing school system. I find the entire situation funny, because when they decided that they were taking away our high schools and make everyone attend high school in cadiz, hundreds of students decided to leave and go to other schools, and it is still happening each school year. When are the idiots running this system going to realize they took are schools away once, and it failed. So shut down more of our schools, and more and more students will continue to leave. Obviously shutting down the schools are not the answer. Lakeland is the best school in the district, designed to be built onto. Lets build onto it and bus the kids to that school. Or just let the state come in and run it, you really think they are going to do any worse.

  10. Kyle; that makes alot of sense! Its time the Cadiz folk get a chance to see what it’s like! Harrison Central is a dilapidated old barn and moving to Freeport would be a big improvement! Initially it may be inconvenient but in the long run it would save money!

  11. I have to agree with “Concernred Parent” (5/18) Some of the school board could careless as long as Cadiz is not inconvenienced and the Superintendent has no aspirations to stay in the Dist. He’ll be long gone and we will still be at square one holding the bag with the same old board members!


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