Lakeland Academy set for Freeport


    By AMY GAREIS     News-Herald Staff Writer

    FREEPORT – Longtime efforts to begin a charter school in Freeport are paying off as the Lakeland Academy Community School plans to open its doors in September.

    Organizer Jennifer Fisher said the school would be located at the former Freeport Market on Main Street, which has been closed since spring.

    “We are starting the school and hoped to have it open by Sept. 30,” she said.  “We looked for a building and when the Freeport Market closed, we contacted [owner Gary Baker]. We talked to him several months ago and it took time to finish the transaction. I’m sad it’s not a store but excited that its something used for the community.”

    The site is expected to house grades K-12 and so far Fisher said 25-30 children were signed under open enrollment. “We anticipate a lot more. The word is just getting out,” she said.

    Read the complete story in this weeks print edition of the Harrison News-Herald.


    1. I’m not surprised about this. Moving grade school children, very young children on a bus over those county roads and that state highway leading to a consolidated grade school far from home, at any time of the year, much less the dark, stormy days of Winter—parents should have been concerned when the Lakeland School was discontinued.
      We did the bus route, when I was a little boy attending Jewett Elementary and while we went over some rough and empty countryside but i suspect that the county roads and that state highway in and near Freeport—much less populated than 60 years ago, fewer people around in case some bus ran into trouble.


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