Lakeland Academy prepares Sept. 28 opening


By AMY GAREIS   News-Herald Staff Writer

FREEPORT – Parents and prospective students caught a glimpse of the new Lakeland Academy Community School during a special open house on Sept. 14.

Students had an opportunity to meet the three new teachers and view the facility, which is located at the former Freeport Market at 101 Main St.  Construction was still under way but officials planned to have most of it wrapped up in time for classes to begin. Coordinator Jennifer Fisher said 27 students in grades K-12 were registered so far and she anticipated more to enroll. A community school requires a minimum of 25 pupils and the current registration yields 11 pupils participating in K-3 with 10 in grades 4-9 and another six in grades 10-12.

The site was awaiting inspection and any final details would be wrapped up as soon as possible. Community members planned to paint the site and artist Sarah Koch was adding a Raider, the school’s mascot, in homage to the Freeport High School Raider of yesteryear.

Parents who appeared received school supply lists and were introduced to teachers Marlo Lemmon, who will instruct grades K-3; Laverne Foster, who will oversee grades 4-9; and Bizzari, who will teach grades 10-12. They are all seasoned instructors with at least four to 35 years’ experience in education and eager to work with their students.

Read the entire story in the September 22, 2012 print edition of the Harrison News-Herald.


  1. I still dont understand all of this..I am confused on why the store had to be shut down and Lakeland had to be shut down. We shut a community store down to open a community school. Why couldnt our rich people in that towne get together and bought the school instead buying a store and putting the money into buying it and renovateing it’ when the School was in perfect shape and probably cost just as much. Its confuseing to Me how this community and county works when it comes to money.

  2. The school board put a restriction on the sale that it could never be used for a school when it sold, however we did feel that we could fight that battle and win in court. There is a series of events that did happen and we thought that we would end up with the school, I choose not to publicly put those events on here. We have searched for a building for a long time to house our school in. The Freeport Market shut down and was going to be auctioned off and we were able to buy it. Our first choice though was the school it makes no sense to me either why things like this have to happen a school should remain just that and a grocery store too. We just want our children to have an education close to home. It seems to be a very sore subject with lots of people but the facts remain an education minus a 2-4 hours on the bus each day is the best thing for our children.

  3. I for one am glad to see the kids staying local. IT makes no sense to bus them across the county just because of the greed of folks.

    Here’s to a great first year, and may the test scores put the rest of the schools to shame…really….

  4. Your right Jen…thanks for responding to me!! Jen I am one of those parents that I was really Heart Broken when they closed Lakeland down and My Kids was more Heart Broken. But your right we need to keep our kids close to home I agree 2 to 3 hours is crazy. This way since they are close to home they will get better one on one time and more time after school to be there selves instead of being on a Bus. I miss my kids goin to that school but they are doin good where they are at now!!! I hope the Home Towne Kids do well on all scores and I bless all of you for what you are doing and give you all my thoughts to keep doin what you are doin for the KIds!!


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