Cemetery tales of yore


    The 6th Annual Lantern Tour sponsored by the Harrison County Historical Society and Puskarich Public Library was held on Wednesday, October 3 at the Moorefield Cemetery. Several notables were featured on the tour including Belle Mills Quinn, John A. Moore, Dr. David Quinn, Capt. J. Kirkpatrick Moore, Harry and Alice Wood. There were over 160 in attendance to hear the tales shared by Dr. Scott Pendleton, pictured.

    The Tri-County Showstoppers 4-H Club provided refreshments afterwards in the Moorefield Township Hall. An interesting side note that was mentioned was the fact that Moorefield was a town of soldiers. There was only one township in Harrison County that did not need to hold a draft during the Civil War – Moorefield. It had the highest per capita volunteer rate in the country. As a livery town, its men were horsemen and many went into the Calvary. The number of stones decorated with flags attests to the bravery of its citizens.

    Also pictured right is Taylor Cope holding his lantern by a headstone, listening intently to the tales of the past. Photos provided


    1. What an interesting way to keep oral history alive in those small villages, those little places that most non local drivers simply see in brief glimpses as they drive through, heading on to big and better things.
      Especially needed in those small places which haven’t had much need or reason to survive, barely hanging on; as the years go by, so do most of the residents–in this tour, gone for for good; names recorded on cemetery markers.


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