Custer’s 173rd birthday marked


Native son Gen. George Armstrong Custer will be honored during a 173rd birthday celebration on Dec. 1 in New Rumley. Dinner begins at 5:30 p.m. at New Rumley United Methodist Church with impersonator Rick Williams, while a program will follow at the Custer Museum with featured speaker Don Allen, the author of “Hell on Belle Isle,” who will discuss a Union soldier who was imprisoned during the Civil War. Tickets are $15 and reservations are due by Nov. 26. For more information and reservations, call Custer Memorial Association President Charles Conrad at 740-945-6415 or Program Coordinator Dave Rose at 740-945-3744.
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  1. michael norquest

    So don't you think that it might be time to lay George Armstrong Custer down for a very long and well deserved nap. The man wasn't exactly a well liked nor respected military hero and if you looked long enough at his military record in the Army District of the West, what happened to some of those Native Americans who happened into the path of his military campaigns there. Disregarding that he not only lost his command due to arrogance but also saw most of the male members of his immediate family lose their lives with him---New Rumley needs to find another date and way to celebrate.

  2. FormerOVR

    Why celebrate this nonsense?


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