Union protests at MarkWest site


    Members of the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 18 protested outside MarkWest Energy Partners’ Cadiz Laydown Yard this past week after local workers were laid off from the facility. Union members claimed more than 300 people from the pipeyard and construction site were terminated before Thanksgiving but company leaders cited suboptimal performance with the contractor, who is based in Tennessee.

    Both sides were reportedly meeting as of this newspaper’s deadline for talks.

    The full story is featured in this weeks print edition of the Harrison News-Herald.



    1. Union is nothing but trouble. They get paid too much, and do too little work. Then they go on strike for more money and benefits and close the biz down. Why even use them? Nothing but trouble.

    2. WOW! Wonder what “suboptimal performance” actually means. And if it is an actual fact, OR, is the employer a difficult entity to work for. It is a shame that potentially good Union job opportunities in the private sector should be suffering such besmirching at the behest of their employer. Are the workers actually untrained? Are there Apprentice levels of training in this industry? Correctly administered Union work can be constructive and a positive outcome for workers and management alike. I am a 30 year Union Carpenter in Los Angeles and I work hard to be sure that I give my best for the benefit of my great signatory employer. I would hope that those folks on the picket line really had the same spirit of cooperation and efficiency (needed training) that we generally aim for out here in la la land. I wish for the results to be the best for all concerned. John O’Neil (CHS ’59)

    3. If these folks were really looking for jobs, maybe they need to drop there signs and the STUPID rodent, and go ask MarkWest for a job application…

      Come on get real….

      There are plenty of jobs it seems right now in our area, go and ask for a job, you might get hired. But you may have to leave handler at home.

    4. It’s Ohio energy and it should be Ohio people getting the jobs . Say what you want about unions at least they are sticking up for Ohio Workers. If utilizing a local work force is important to the energy companies then why is there a Kentucky contractor in that pipe yard. Rich you obviously are uneducated and do not understand Unions and the benefits of having them around !!! HIRE LOCAL

    5. I am delighted to hear that Union jobs are coming back to my hometown area. I always did think that the RAT is a bit juvenile. They can be seen throughout the nation, not just there, when a “Job Action” Perhaps it has some positive effect regarding successful outcomes, hopefully of benefit to both the companies AND the working hands. I remember back in the Sixties, hearing the owner of one of the local non – union coal companies loudly proclaiming out at the Blue Star Restaurant of his hatred of Daylight Savings Time. “When the sun come UP it’s time to go to WORK! When the sun goes DOWN it’s time to go HOME!” I believe that he was a pretty stern task – master, as I recall. Such unrepresented non- union workers can be at the mercy and whiims of such an employer. Some of our Southern California signatory general contractors can get pretty rowdy at times and it takes a class – action grievance to force their towing of the line in employer / worker to observe contractual rules. And yes, if there are local qualified Union members in our area, it would behoove a remote employer to take good advantage of that opportunity. I will be watching for future news on this matter in our local paper.


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