A surprise visit


    Jewett SportsmenClub copy
    JEWETT – During the fall the Jewett Sportsman’s Club, Coon Trail workers were surprised by a visit from long ago residents of Jewett, Paul and brother, Leon Townsend. (Junior) Leon had not been to the club since he was a member 45 years ago. Paul although lived in the area had never visited the club. Both commented on how beautiful the club was and all the great changes that had been made.

    With a lot of stories and members the couple seemed to enjoy their visit.

    Pictured from left to right are: Kelley Albaugh, John Harris (president), Paul Townsend, Dick Harris, Leon Townsend and Robin Cornett Striker.

    Paul and Leon said, it’s always nice to visit what was once their home. Photo provided

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    1. I thought that the Sportsmen’s Club had taken over the brick farmhouse that once had been the headquarters for the long gone Powhattan Mining Company?
      If it is or was the same place, my younger brother and I used to walk up the county road, over the ridge and visit the place where Dad dropped off his time sheet as a dozer operator for Powhattan.
      My memory seems to bring back a brick, two story home, painted grey, well kept with a fenced in yard and someone’s rose bushes from long ao when it had been a family home–the only structure still standing; the barn having collapsed years before.
      During visits back to the area I would try to determine when strip mining had first occured in that area by the deterioration of buildings that hadn’t been
      completely destroyed or by the growth of trees which had begun to reclaim all that land and some of the buildings which had been part of someone’s
      “Home Sweet Home”.


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