Dog warden posts fuel debate


    News-Herald Staff Writer
    CADIZ – A decision to divide the dog warden’s role also roused some protest during Wednesday’s Harrison County Commission meeting.
    Commissioners previously announced their intent to eliminate one full-time post in favor of two part-time positions at the county dog pound as a means of eliminating stress and improving time management. This past week, leaders announced that former Tappan Lake Park Superintendent John Birney and Jeff Campbell were tapped to take the two new roles, but that did not bode well with supporters of outgoing Dog Warden Tina Dewalt.
    “We changed the dog warden’s position from full-time to two part-time positions to take off a little bit of the stress and better serve the public,” said Commission Chairman Don Bethel. “We had at least 22 applications from some very, very quality people.”
    Dewalt did not attend the meeting; however, three supporters including former assistant dog warden Sandy Manbeck and Dewalt’s mother, Marge Mills, blasted the board for putting Dewalt out of work.
    Bethel said he and Commissioner Host had met with Dewalt in the past but the move was simply to improve service. He said there were other issues he did not deem appropriate to discuss in public.

    Read the full story in this weeks print edition of the Harrison News-Herald.


    1. Well I think Tina has done a awesome job.. People in Cadiz needs to realize how much time it takes to do this… and She had people trying to get all these dogs “GOOD” homes… Its a shame that it had to come down to this.. I do think YOU need to reconsider what has been done to her..

    2. I feel the warden was done completely wrong. The position should have been voted by the county resident’s as is any other position in the county offices. If the position was going to change to two part time position’s then the warden should have automatically been offered the first part time position, and then a second position hired in to help out. Never not once did this county ever hire a deputy dog warden to help the warden we had ( Tina Dewalt ) I am so ashamed of this county.

    3. Why just out of the blue would you get rid of someone that does a fantastic job. She works so well with the community. She loves those animals. It is a crying shame that, your going to turn this into a kill shelter. She finds homes for these dogs and has many volunteers that work well with her. It makes no sence why you would get rid of a person.
      I think my tax dollars should go for a person who truly cares about their job and loves those animals. The turn over is amazing there. Think before you act people. Is someone holding a grudge?

    4. The change at the pound was not “out of the blue” and the dog warden had not been doing a good job. She failed in every aspect of the job and refused to comply with the Harrison County Dog Pound Operational Guidelines. She did not maintain the pound facility or records in a professional manner and failed to work with rescuers to get the dogs out of the pound promptly, which cost the county heavily. Dogs disappeared from the pound and she could not even identity the dominate breeds in a mixed breed dog. I seriously doubt that she had any true feelings of compassion for a majority of the dogs based on her snide comments about the demeanor of some of the dogs and routine kill proclamations. Now there are two half time dog wardens who want to work with rescues and volunteers and who want to use Petfinder. It is time to move in the right direction rather than remaining stagnate.

    5. The Dog Warden position is not an elected position in any county in Ohio. The dog warden is an employee of the County Commissioners and previously the county did have a deputy dog warden, Carl Stewart began as deputy dog warden to Bill Dunlap. The two gentlemen that have been hired are outstanding people.

    6. I have never met Tina personally but have spoken to her on the phone and by email. I contacted her to get two dogs from her shelter into rescue and she kind of “nudged” me into taking a third which I was happy to do. Tina could not have worked harder to help set up transport from Cadiz to north of Dayton OH. She was always pleasant and seemed totally concerned with the animals in her care.


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