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  1. sandra chesla

    It is great that facilities will be updated, but would also be nice if the lakes themselves were taken care of. For the past few years would go to Tappen to let our dog swim. Would always take bag and pick up garbage while there, but more garbage always replaced it on the next visit. More patrol and enforcement, maybe a few garbage cans would help. It was sad that people have such little respect for what was once a beautiful area.

  2. Elvis Sugar

    Really find some new wealth and now you go blow it on a bunch of oversized new buildings! Look at the market around you, there are numerous small business (not related to gas and oil) that have a very hard time making it because of not enough tourists (motels, restaurants, camp grounds all change hands often) You really need to hire law enforcement and penalize litters hard! Educate people not to litter, have a trash crew, stock lakes with fish! Whats the point of going to a fancy new facilities when the place is full of non caring uneducated litters and over fished lakes, you want me to spend my money there..not going to happen.
    For the hunters- take that 160 million and purchase additional lands for them...give them a reason to to visit your area and spend their money on your facilities, also MWCD should buy as many run down ugly homes and trailers near the lakes as possible....I cant see many people use these new top dollar higher priced facilities if the place is full of trash along every back road and cove. Its a start I suppose....


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