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CADIZ – In a nearly full and emotion-filled courtroom Tuesday, Judge T. Shawn Hervey sentenced Eve Irene Kelly to the maximum of 15 and one-half years in prison for the death of Joseph Strother.

Kelly, who was originally charged with murder, felonious assault, complicity to murder and complicity to felonious assault, saw three charges amended and complicity to felonious assault dismissed on the last day of September.

The amended charges of involuntary manslaughter, obstruction of justice and theft of an automobile brought Kelly the full 15 and-a-half years.


  1. This woman that killed that poor man is my mom she never cares about anything that’s why she walked out on me when I was a baby so I really want to say sorry to that family how had to hear that her was dead, godbleess you

  2. Not only did she commit first degree murder, it was premeditated. She took the murder weapon from the victim’s own home. The State of Ohio really dropped the ball on this one. I can’t wrap my mind around this. I guess the only bonus in this sad story is that she took a plea deal thinking she’d be out in 5 years. But I suppose the joke is on her. I hope she rots in prison.


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