New internet company to service rural Harrison County



Yes, I mean it’s going to be fast, and it’s something that’s unheard of in the country.

HARRISON COUNTY – When it comes to corralling business for the betterment of Harrison County and the frustrations involved, it’s certainly not for the lack of trying. Along with private businesses popping up from time to time, a power plant is also on the horizon along with several oil and gas companies that have already planted foundations throughout the county.

Now comes a private Internet company to be named Imperial Network. And it is the brainchild of Larry Bertolino, owner of MyLocalPCpro, located on East Market Street in Cadiz. His partner, along with wife Katherine, is local businessman and property owner, James Coffelt.

“Connecting the rest of us,” is the tagline Bertolino offered for unlimited broadband internet for the outlying areas of the county, and possibly beyond.

Bertolino stated that he’s had this swirling in his head for the past 10 years and now it appears the dream will come to fruition. That dream includes the eventual erection of four towers located in and around the county for providing top notch internet service to outlying areas, or in better terms, the forgotten ones that Bertolino likes to say.

This is to be an all-purpose wi-fi service the likes of which the country has not seen before, Bertolino said, which includes gaming, schoolwork and anything else involving the Internet.

“Yes, I mean it’s going to be fast,” he said, “and it’s something that’s unheard of in the country. It’s something that you all take for granted in towns around here, it’s expected, it’s a service that’s there, it’s always going to be there, no big deal. The rest of us out here in the sticks of Harrison County well, we don’t have that luxury.”

Bertolino talked of the difficulty for kids who live out away from regular service to do homework online, which is being required more as the years progress from schools. He said he’s had to bring his family into town at his office so his kids could finish schoolwork or for him to finish his own work for that matter.

“So that’s our whole goal is to connect the rest of us,” he explained. “Our main demographic is everyone outside the town. We’re the ones that have been forgotten by the other companies.”

Bertolino said the first and primary tower will be constructed in the Tappan area and that is to be expected in a couple of weeks with service up and running in three to four months. But he added, the towers, where the other three would be scattered in other parts of the county are only a small aspect of the operation. And he said, the Tappan tower will be powerful where he called its reach, “tremendous.”

When asked what actually makes the service as fast as they are promoting, he quietly laughed but added that it’s in the technology and the method he’s applying in order to “put this all together.”

Bertolino said there are hundreds that live in the outlying areas that have little or no service and emphasized how much they need to be taken care of. He said the service will be “as automated as possible” with customers subscribing and canceling on their own via a website.

Coffelt said he’s merely the financial backer in all of this with Bertolino in the obvious position of the tech expert. Coffelt stated the service they are going to provide could impact kids who attend the local schools but still live outside the main areas where Internet service is provided.

Coffelt said eventually the plan is for another tower at The Lodge, one inside the village of Cadiz and another one in the eastern part of the county. He also felt, for what they are getting, it could be less expensive than what everyone else is paying but certainly better.

“I think we can change a lot of lives,” he said.


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