State Rep Candidate Arrested in Cadiz For Contempt


CADIZ – Harrison County courts saw heavy activity this week, which was topped off by the arrest of Richard Olivito on Friday afternoon. Olivito is a District 96 Ohio representative candidate (democrat) for this election year. His  democratic opponent is Charlie DiPalma.

Olivito was testifying on behalf of defendant Keturah Krankovitch where she stood trial twice this week with the second one still to be continued. Olivito testified in both trials, which were held in county court as misdemeanors (Krankovich was convicted by 10 jurors on Wednesday of three traffic offenses and two criminal charges for a total of 180 days in jail while representing herself.

Judge Mark Beetham continually reprimanded Olivito to stop talking after Assistant Prosecutor Jack Felgenhauer objected numerous times, to either leading questions asked by Krankovich or non-responsive answers.

In Krankovich’s second trial on Friday as Olivito was being reprimanded for the last time, Felgenhauer finally told one of the sheriff’s deputies to arrest Olivito, which he did and was led away in handcuffs. Judge Beetham did not intervene.

Krankovich is being charged with resisting arrest and menacing at her home in Jewett. Three separate videos of two deputy’s body cameras and one from the patrol car were viewed as evidence by the state.

Since Krankovich’s questioning of Olivito was interrupted by his arrest Judge Beetham was forced to continue the case to a later date. Olivito’s bond was stated as $5,000. He was heard in court stating the bond was “fair and reasonable.”

Also, Cadiz Police arrested five individuals in a large drug raid conducted early Friday morning. Charles Moreland was handed a bond of $300,000, Ethan Newbrough’s bond was set at $50,000, Kevin Vancamp was released on his own recognizance, Anthony Pettit was given house arrest and Lacey Whitehead was handed a $25,000 bond by Judge T. Shawn Hervey late Friday afternoon.

Chief Ryan McCann said the raid was pushed up from a planned afternoon raid because they wanted to keep things under wraps and felt they could not wait any longer.

A little more than 15 grams of meth were found, according to Lt. Ron Carter along with a .22 Derringer at one of the houses.

A full report on both trials and all court proceedings will be included in the Harrison News-Herald’s Saturday, Feb. 22 print edition.


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