UPDATE #2: Boat accident in Cadiz leads to death of one


CADIZ – Earlier reports of one man being Life Flighted from the Cadiz Sparrow Reservoir after a boat overturned Sunday were not accurate, according to Hopedale Fire Chief Mark Marchetta.

Due to some confusion as to how many men were actually on the boat it was first speculated that two or possibly three were on the boat. It has now been confirmed that three men were on the small 12ft registered boat, according to an official press release from the Cadiz Police Department.

Marchetta stated that one man was transported to Harrison Community Hospital before he later died and another man was transported by ambulance to Trinity Hospital-not by Life Flight.

The three men’s names have been released beginning with the deceased as Marion Johnson. His companions were Victor Mallory and Robby Durr. All three men were from the Cleveland area.

Marchetta also said that hypothermia was a major factor in the condition of the two men where he said a temperature measure resulted in 40 degrees but Cadiz Police speculated that the water was much colder than that.

A full report can be seen in our Saturday, Mar. 14 print edition.

CADIZ – (from earlier) Details are still sketchy regarding a boat accident and how it capsized at the Cadiz Sparrow Reservoir that occurred Sunday around 2:30 p.m. Three men were fishing on a small boat when they all fell into the water.

One person is dead, which was confirmed by Cadiz Police Chief Ryan McCann. Apparently three men were aboard the small boat when it tipped over.

No names have been released as of yet but next of kin has been notified. All three men were reportedly from the Cleveland area and employees of the city of Cleveland.

One man was Life Flighted to Trinity Hospital and survived. The deceased was first taken to Harrison Community Hospital but it’s not clear if he was transported from there. He died just before 5 p.m.

Rescue units from Cadiz, Tappan and Hopedale, as well as ODNR were on scene.

A full report can be seen in our Saturday, Mar. 14 print edition.


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