Shooting in Cadiz, one in custody


CADIZ – Just before 3 p.m. today a shooting occurred in the alley next to the Harrison News-Herald, just off of S. Main Street in Cadiz.

Cadiz resident Alexander Bacon was the victim and the alleged assailant, Chuck Williams has been arrested and is now in custody.


Bacon was walking around and in good spirits and displayed his wound just above the left knee where the bullet grazed him. He refused to admit involvement to authorities and is not clear if he will press charges.

Cadiz Police and the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office were on the scene where a gold, brass casing was found underneath the steps leading to the back entrance of the News-Herald.

Further details to come in our Saturday, March 28 print edition.


  1. When we have another flood could the County workers put a sign up at the top of Dry Ridge road rather than 3/4mi down the road at the very edge of the water?? It is rather hard to turn around when you go that far down.Do you think the Oil and Gas people would help buy signs I was told that the County is out of money.


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