Baxter’s in Scio now open six days

Pat Majors, one of Baxter’s Buy & Sell customers displays a picture of Elvis Presley at the S. Eastport store in Scio. Connor and father Brad Baxter run the cash-only store where one can find almost anything from old to new. More merchandise is planned to be up for sale along with a flea market to run from May to October, Friday through Sunday.


SCIO – A few new businesses are beginning to blossom in Scio and one is Baxter’s Buy & Sell at 106 S. Eastport Street in Scio. The owner is Connor Baxter but dad, whose name is Brad, was behind the counter this week and called himself the silent partner.

Baxter’s has been open since February in a limited fashion but is now going full bore at six days per week, Tuesday through Sunday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Brad said they don’t buy and sell guns nor are they into the food business but they have just about anything else. They do work on consignment as well, and as Brad said, “we stand behind everything we sell.”

And in a place like Baxter’s one is liable to find just about anything, including old 8-track tapes along with hats, some automotive items, bungee cords and ropes, glassware, baskets and some kitchen appliances. And if you like nostalgia, there is always Marilyn Monroe because she’s sitting right outside the door in a set of six tempting customers with her pouty red lips.

Another interesting item is the look of an old fashioned radio but is equipped with a cassette player, a disc player and a space on top for playing records, all in one. The store is bright, clean and well organized and in each corner appears to be something different. Brad said they also have a shed filling up with merchandise and will be opening that up as well, as a compliment to the main building.

Also, they will be starting a flea market in the back beginning in May and running through October, weather permitting. This will be available from Friday through Sunday.

Baxter’s is only a cash business and if anyone is interested in contacting the owner, you can at: 330-802-2708.


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