Adena to host Heritage Days after a year layoff



ADENA – After a full year layoff from their beloved Heritage Days, Adena’s council, last Tuesday, talked of the logistics of bringing it back, which they said would be held Aug. 13 and 14. The discussion started when Lynn McConnell asked about equipment that was Heritage-related being stored inside their community center and could she remove it.

Mayor Brenda Roski asked whether it was legal to take anything out of there if it were village owned. She said once something has been donated to the village it must remain with the village but Heritage Days’ equipment might be another issue.

“It’s about a lot of stuff, there’s a lot of things if that building comes down that needs to come out of there,” Roski explained. “But when it’s donated to that building to be given and used for the village residents, it’s there to stay.”

Roski felt McConnell could use the equipment for Heritage Days if it were moved to another building, as suggested by Council Member Marla Brokaw. But Roski said it should be put into a motion for a vote.

Council Member RJ Konkoleski suggested the appropriate motion would be for “community groups” that have equipment inside the building should be given permission to remove their own property. That motion passed unanimously. McConnell asked about having Heritage Days on the village green where it’s been held for years. She said she was asking because of the COVID situation but she may have been alluding to other reasons and Roski said it needed to be discussed. McConnell raised the issue of power going to the poles along the green and if the outlets in the ground actually worked. Roski said it is being looked at along with Brokaw working on a grant to help fix things, including problems at the park.

After more discussion a motion for having Heritage Days to be held on the village green was also passed.

Other matters covered included Roski talking about grass being swept or blown into the streets of Adena, which she said is a “big no, no” and called it ridiculous. “No throwing grass to the street.” She became angry when talking about people taking the time to clean up then having people just throw the grass back into the street and wants it stopped.

Another topic was the possible transition for the village to join the Smithfield Township Police force, which is still yet to be decided. Roski stated that she wished to keep Chief Paul Carpenter for at least 15 hours per week. She raised the topic again after last month’s lengthy discussion because the sign on Carpenter’s door that said “The Adena Police Department was started in 1801,” which she said would be no more if they eventually vote in favor of the township idea.

She said she wasn’t taking sides on the matter, though, earlier she said she was in favor of the move, but only brought it up because she questioned herself and whether she wants her name on the document that ends their police department.

“Until this thing gets completely solvent, which I think that’s what we’re working at, I would not give every dime of our money away. I want to keep Paul at fifteen hours,” she explained adding that she wants him around to help with enforcing ordinances and other things.

“But if we give them all our money we’re closing that door,” she said while not asking for a vote but only for council to think about the future of the police department.

Also, Village Solicitor Adam Martello informed council of their oil and gas lease with Ascent Resources. He said the new lease includes more acreage involving two leases. He said it is a “true gross lease, which means that there’s no deductions” for costs. He told council the royalty comes to 18 percent where the village would receive approximately $7,500 “in bonus payments” that covers mostly streets and alleyways.

Martello asked council not to sign the lease just yet as there were a few changes he needed to request. He also said that the village gained some conditions they had asked for that were not in the previous lease agreement.



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