Harrison County Dog Pound Celebrates New Facility


Celebrating last Friday the grand opening of the new Harrison County Dog Pound are (from left to right): Cindi Yanez (rescue adoption coordinator), Rocky, Commissioner Paul Coffland, Carol Teter (volunteer), Dog Warden John Birney, Sally Merryman (volunteer), Tammy Koutsky (volunteer), Commissioner Don Bethel, Beth Roski (volunteer), Michelle Brown (volunteer) and Dog Warden Jeff Campbell. Below, Sally Merryman shows off her handmade quilt up for raffle later this year.

CADIZ – Last Friday, the Harrison County Dog Pound celebrated is brand new facility showing off its concrete block walls, a brand spanking new fence and newly painted concrete flooring.

Rocky, a two year-old Beagle greeted everyone entering the new facility with a wagging tail and a friendly face. Inside, the animals will now have a fully insulated building for the winter with no wind blowing through cracks and crevices in the exterior like they had before. The dogs on one side of the kennel even have a doggy door to roam outside in a fenced-in area.

The project began back in January of this year and was completed in July. The cost, as a result of the benefit of the Harrison County Commissioners, came to $275,000.

Rescue Adoption Coordinator, Cindi Yanez said the pound is now able to contain 15 dogs as opposed to the eight before the renovations. Yanez said they also have heated floors for the animals.

Soft drinks and food were served and donations were much welcomed during the six-hour celebration as several commissioners were on hand to witness the fruit of their generosity with Commissioner, Don Bethel stating this was a long time in coming.


Commissioner, Paul Coffland thanked all the volunteers handing them the credit.

“They do all the heavy lifting,” he said. “We just provide funds to build the facility. They have a group here where they don’t have to get out and recruit them. They volunteer all their own time. You can’t beat that.”

Dog Warden, John Birney was thankful as well, to the commissioners and the volunteers.

“We appreciate everyone who helped and coordinate this,” he said.

Sally Merryman is raffling off a homemade quilt she made to benefit Harrison County dogs. Tickets can be bought through the Harrison County Dog Pound (942-4080). Tickets are $2 each or $6 for 10 tickets and the drawing will take place on Dec. 17th. The quilt is 58×72 and the proceeds benefit the vetting, stray and homeless dogs of Harrison County.


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