Small Business Relief Available for Harr. Co.


CADIZ – The Bar and Restaurant Assistance Fund (BRAF), as previously reported, has $37.5 million to “help those licensees significantly impacted by COVID-19 and limited in the full use of their liquor permit.” The program is run by the Ohio Development Services Agency and anyone can apply by going to: BusinessHelp.Ohio.Gov.

Commissioner Paul Coffland on Wednesday noted that Gov. Mike DeWine, in his Nov. 12 press conference, mentioned Harrison County specifically as one that has been impacted by the pandemic. Bars and restaurants who are eligible can receive $2,500 from the assistance fund if qualified. But it’s not just for bars and restaurants as Coffland noted.

“Up to fifty businesses in Harrison County are eligible,” Coffland said adding that $10,000 each is also available if qualified through the small business fund.

“It’s worth it, please…he said. He clarified that the funds are available to other businesses besides bars and restaurants, but any business that has 25 employees or less.

“We would certainly want to keep every dollar that we can in Harrison County for those businesses,” Coffland stated. “So we urge you to take the time [and] fill that out. It’s not a loan, it’s a grant and they’re going to give you ten thousand dollars. You’re not going to have to pay it back.”

The Small Business Relief Grant is worth a total of $125 million and eligible businesses must be a for-profit entity and “earn at least 90% of annual revenue based on activities performed in and taxable to Ohio.” Some of the businesses not eligible are publicly traded, lobbying firms or adult entertainment establishments.

Also addressed under Purchase Orders and Vouchers, the County Home had one item tabled until the commissioners get an explanation on specific terms. The item dealt with plumbing work that had been completed but Commissioner Don Bethel said they were not questioning the amount, which came to $38,333. Coffland’s motion to approve all on the list except that item until they get “additional receipts,” was approved.


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