WVU Medicine CEO Phillips speak to commissioners



CADIZ – Even though the formal introduction of WVU Medicine took place earlier this month where the flag was raised and the new sign exposed Dave Phillips, new administrator at the Cadiz hospital spoke to the Harrison County Commissioners at Wednesday morning’s meeting to introduce himself.

He provided a brief rundown of the history of the transaction between WVU Medicine and Wheeling Hospital, which had already taken over Harrison Community Hospital (HCH).

“I know there’s been a long standing relationship between the commissioners and the county and the hospital, and I wanted to make sure that I introduced myself to you…” Phillips told the board. He then offered his services in case of any issues and welcomed any questions.

Commissioner Don Bethel explained the good relationship the county has had with the hospital and spoke of confidence in that continuing with WVU Medicine. He joked when asked about Tony Martinelli’s absence, the former CEO of HCH, which Phillips explained that he is now at Reynolds Memorial Hospital in Glendale, West Virginia.

Phillips said he’d been with Barnesville’s hospital for 20 years and as CEO for the past eight years where they’ve been involved with WVU Medicine for more than two years.

“As Harrison came into the system they wanted me to get involved with the Ohio hospitals given the similar size, similar challenges. So that’s how I got involved…” Phillips explained.

When asked about expanding services after being reminded it was mentioned at the ribbon cutting at the beginning of April, Phillips said they were evaluating their options for now.

“The one area that you know, is obvious that we need to address is in primary care and we need to recruit more primary care physicians into the community,” Phillips said. “So, that’s the area that we are starting with and then evaluating other services…” He named cardiology and oncology with no decisions having been made as of yet.


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