Cadiz council caught off guard with private Sally Park stage request

Harrison News-Herald Photo/SHAWN DIGITY

At last Thursday’s meeting, Cadiz council member Eric Miller drew attention to a camper who requested to rent the stage at Sally Buffalo Park. But village solicitor Costa D. Mastros said the issue was a bit new to them. “If there’s no insurance, if our insurance doesn’t cover that on the stage, then we have to be very careful about what we do because we have to be covered,” he explained. When prompted on the camper potentially signing a waiver, Mastros questioned who would be signing the release: the person making the request and the band? 

But park manager Scott Porter added that if one person is allowed to do something, it would have to be the same for everyone else making the same request. But beside that, he and Mayor John Migliore then agreed that the rules applying to the current stage would be different for the newly planned one anyway. 

The discussion turned to other groups who had rented before (Blues For a Cure, for example), and Porter said he wasn’t sure if any of them were insured when using the stage. But he did mention that he’d rather it not be used for a “one-time thing.” 

“It’s not the people. That’s not what it’s about. It’s about opening a can of worms. Then anybody’s going to have the right to use it,” Porter explained. Council member Chace Smith felt it was “cut-and-dry” about not renting the stage to private individuals, considering they hadn’t done it before. Migliore ultimately suggested that they do not rent the stage; the rest of the council agreed, and Mastros said it was not necessary to put it into a motion for a vote. The camper had already planned on renting out the barn, as well, so they felt that was sufficient. 

Migliore brought up another issue concerning stages while reminding council of their success in securing $140,000 worth of state funds for the new stage. All Migliore needed was the council’s approval to sign the document concerning the grant. Mastros explained, according to Mark Puskarich, who is spearheading the efforts, that the new stage will be developed in three phases. 

Mastros revealed a $279,000 total for the new stage; he added that the Cadiz Community Improvement Corporation spent $8,000 on architecture as part of the design phase. However, the new stage will be built in a new location, unlike the current one near Wallace Lodge. 

Mastros said Puskarich would be coming in or joining a future meeting via phone to lay out the plans and show where all the funding is coming from. Migliore stated that South Central Power had also donated $10,000. Other donations included State Farm and the CIC, according to Migliore. A motion was approved for Mastros to prepare an ordinance approving of Migliore’s signature.

Also noteworthy, the next Cadiz council meeting has been changed from Aug. 19 to Aug. 18, but the time remains the same, 7 p.m.


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